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Saddle & Sirloin -

What's In A Name?

The Saddle & Sirloin Portrait Collection is the Livestock Industry's Hall of Fame

This club of influential figures in the livestock industry was originally housed on the top floor of the Purebred Livestock Records Building in Chicago, Ill., in the early 1900s. Livestock men would gather on the top floor over a sirloin steak or a saddle of lamb in the banquet, leading to the name “Saddle and Sirloin Club.”

Chosen by their peers, the club continues the heritage of its founders to pay homage to those who have made the greatest contributions to the livestock industry.


Please support the mission of the Saddle & Sirloin Portrait Foundation by purchasing exclusive Saddle & Sirloin Club merchandise in our store.

All proceeds from store go towards the mission of the Saddle & Sirloin Portrait Foundation. 


The mission of the Saddle and Sirloin Portrait Foundation is to  maintain, preserve and promote the Saddle and Sirloin portrait collection of over 370 oil paintings honoring individuals’ contributions to the agriculture industry worldwide. 

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