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Edwin Stanton Bayard | Inducted between 1920 and 1936

Pioneer agricultural communicator, farmer and community leader.

1867-1952 | Artist: Robert Wadsworth Grafton (1876-1936)

Impact & Accomplishments

A pioneer agricultural broadcaster, Edwin S. Bayard was assigned to direct the first farm market reports on national radio, originating from KDKA in Pittsburgh in 1921.

Born in Kingston, Ohio, and educated at Waynesburg College, Bayard established one of the first Aberdeen Angus herds in Pennsylvania.

He wrote a 250-page bulletin on Beef Production for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture in 1913 and was editor of Pennsylvania Farmer and National Stockman & Farmer.

Bayard was a trustee for Pennsylvania State College for thirty-three years, served as director of the American Aberdeen Angus Breeders’ Association, and president and secretary of the Pennsylvania Livestock Breeders’ Association.

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