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Frank. W. Harding, Jr. | 1982

Scion of a prominent American cattle breeding family, chairman of Geneva-based livestock import firm and insurance agency Harding & Harding Inc., and founder of American Live Stock Insurance Co.

1911-2002 | Artist: Everett Raymond Kinstler (1926-2019)

Impact & Accomplishments

Frank Harding, Jr., followed his father’s footsteps as a director of the International, and in the 1970s, was charged with finding a new home for the Saddle & Sirloin portraits. He led efforts to establish this collection in Louisville.

Born at Anoka Farms in Wisconsin, he continued the cattle and sheep breeding traditions of his grandfather and father. During World War II, he served as lieutenant commander in the destroyer service.

In 1952, he joined with Clint Tomson to form the American Livestock Insurance Company, building on the experience gained in a previous partnership with his father. A major importer/exporter, Harding originated the third country concept to temporarily quarantine livestock from foreign markets, an innovation that greatly boosted the American cattle industry.

He was also head cattle buyer for Armour and Company in Oklahoma.

Did You Know?

Harding grew up on a northern Illinois cattle farm, participated in Midwestern livestock competitions as a teen and worked stints on vast New Mexico cattle ranches before joining his father in the Chicago cattle industry.

"To a rancher, a bull is no different than a truck is to a businessman. He's got to have it, he's got to have it insured, and if something happens to it, he's got to get a new one," said Duncan Alexander, president of both American Live Stock Insurance and Harding & Harding. "Frank Harding had a very high affinity for both the people and the animals, and for the need that was involved--not only on being able to put inexpensive meat on the table, but also to provide insurance on resources."

Circa 1950's - Armour & Company plant in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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