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Amos Cruikshank | Inducted 1903

Founder of Sittyton - one of the most famous Scottish herds of Shorthorns.

1808--1895 | Artist: Robert Wadsworth Grafton (1876-1936); original portrait by James R. Stuart

Impact & Accomplishments

Another of the very first Saddle & Sirloin honorees, painted by James Stuart, breeder Amos Cruikshank’s likeness is based on the last-known photograph of him taken when Breeder’s Gazette editor Alvin Sanders visited him in Scotland.

Amos Cruikshank and his brother, Anthony, began breeding dual-purpose Shorthorns in 1837, with foundation bulls from Robert Barclay-Allardice’s herd. Their tenant farm, Sittyton, in Aberdeenshire, was most productive after 1860, when the Champion of England was sired.

In 1871, the Cruikshanks sent stock to America and Canada, solidifying Sittyton’s reputation as one of the most famous Scottish herds.

Did You Know?

Field Marshal born Mar. 12, 1882. A product of Amos Cruickshank’s program but used in William Duthie’s Collynie herd who secured many of the top females when Cruickshank sold out. “A massive 2500-pound bull, he sired some of the most celebrated show and breeding stock ever sent out from the North of Scotland.” He was leased for three years to Queen Victoria’s Windsor herd which increased the interest in Scotch Shorthorns in England. Photo credit: Heritage Shorthorn Society.

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