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Andrew James Lovejoy | Inducted by 1920

Best known as establishing the swine shows at the International Live Stock Exposition and recognized as a top Berkshire hog breeder and judge.

1845-1919 | Artist: Robert Wadsworth Grafton (1876-1936)

Impact & Accomplishments

Andrew Lovejoy helped establish the hog shows at the International Live Stock Exposition in the early years, and he also served as president of the exposition.

He earned a high reputation as a breeder of Berkshire hogs on his farm near Roscoe, Illinois, and he was in demand as a swine judge.

Lovejoy served on the Illinois State Board of Agriculture for twelve years, was president of both the Winnebago County and South Beloit fairs, and was elected to the Illinois general assembly.

Did You Know?

Lovejoy chronicled his years of experience in a book written in 1914.

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