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Edward Aloysius Cudahy, Sr. | Inducted between 1936 and 1948

Prominent Omaha meat packing executive.

1860-1941 | Artist: Othmar J. Hoffler (1893-1954)

Impact & Accomplishments

The youngest of the Cudahy Packing Company brothers, Edward, Sr., was the only one born in the United States. After attending public schools in Milwaukee, Edward began working for Armour Packing Company in Chicago at age fifteen. The company was then managed by his older brother, Michael. When Michael and Philip D. Armour founded Armour Cudahy (later Cudahy Packing) in Omaha, Nebraska, Edward moved there to work for the company, taking over as president in 1910, when his brother died. He became chairman of the board in 1926.

Cudahy helped establish the Omaha Stockyards. In 1900, Edward Cudahy’s son, Edward, Jr., was kidnapped and held for a $25,000 ransom. Ransom paid, the sixteen-year-old was returned unharmed, but the case and the accused kidnapper’s acquittal was one of the major news stories of that time.

Did You Know?

Cudahy was instrumental in forming the Omaha Stockyards.

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