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Edward Foster Swift | Inducted between 1920 and 1941

All five of Swift’s sons were active in Swift and Company and related businesses, and three were inducted into the Saddle & Sirloin portrait gallery. Edward was the second oldest son.

1863- 1932 | Artist: Ernest Sigmund Klempner (1867-1941)

Impact & Accomplishments

The second eldest son, Edward Foster Swift, helped launch the Swift plant in Fort Worth in 1902, serving as its vice president. Edward was president of the company’s South American and Australian operations, as well as Swift Refrigerated Transportation Company.

He was a director of Swift Fertilizer Works and the Live Stock Exchange National Bank. Edward Swift briefly served as president of Swift and Company in 1931, but died tragically after an accidental fall in 1932.

Did You Know?

This photo shows the plantation house-style Swift office building in the foreground and the main processing building behind it with “Swift & Company” painted on the wall. The staircase in the foreground leads from Swift and Armour down to Exchange Avenue and the Stockyards. For the convenience of Stockyards and packing plant workers, a streetcar line ran beside Packers Avenue almost to that staircase. (Photo from Tarrant County  College Northeast.)

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