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Edwin Stanton Good | 1940

Updated: May 20, 2020

Accomplished researcher and educator best known for his research on the cause and vaccine for infectious abortion in mares.

1871-1957 | Artist: Othmar J. Hoffler (1893-1954)

Impact & Accomplishments

Raised on a Michigan farm specializing in Shorthorn cattle, Merino sheep, and Berkshire hogs, E. S. Good received the B. S. degree from Michigan State Agricultural College and the M. S. degree from the University of Illinois.

Upon completion of his education in 1906, he was appointed head of the newly-formed Animal Husbandry Department at the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station. In 1912, when the station merged with the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Good led the beef cattle, sheep, and swine programs. When the program was reorganized once again in 1919, Good was named chairman of the Animal Industry Group. He continued in his post until 1941, when he reached mandatory retirement age.

For much of the next fifteen years, Professor Good taught part-time, stepping in to stabilize the department during World War II. Key research accomplishments include work on a hog cholera serum, isolating the organism causing brucellosis in cattle and sows, and evaluating distillery by-products as swine feed. Most significantly, however, was his work on the cause and vaccine for infectious abortion in mares.

Professor Good was president of the American Society of Animal Production in 1927, and the organization sponsored his Saddle & Sirloin portrait.

Did You Know?

Professor Good was a charter member of the American Society of Animal Production.

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