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Franklin George King | 1944

Purdue University faculty and department head for 36 years and former president of the American Society of Animal Production.

1884-1946 | Artist: Othmar J. Hoffler (1893-1954)

Impact & Accomplishments

Reared on a Missouri livestock farm, Franklin George King graduated from Missouri State University in 1907.

After brief periods at his alma mater and the Kansas State Board of Agriculture, he accepted a position on the Purdue University faculty, where he remained for thirty-six years. In 1928, King was named head of the Department of Animal Husbandry. There, he supervised experimental beef cattle feeding work and led the breeding and management of Purdue’s flocks and herds.

King served as president of the American Society of Animal Production in 1923, and that organization nominated him to the Saddle & Sirloin Club. He was named to the Indiana Livestock Breeders Association Hall of Fame.

Did You Know?

From the archives, a sample of many Extension bulletins written by King.

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