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Galo Plaza | 1968

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Former President of Ecuador and a major importer of Holstein cattle.

1906-1987 | Artist: Joseph Allworthy (1892-1991)

Impact & Accomplishments

Galo Plaza Lasso, the son of Ecuador’s president, Leónidas Plaza, was born in New York City, while his father was serving as an ambassador between his two presidential terms. He was educated in the United States, studying agronomy, economics, and diplomacy.

After his father’s death, Plaza returned to Ecuador to manage the family ranch. He was a major importer of Holstein cattle. In 1938, he was appointed Minister of War, and then, in 1944, ambassador to the U. S.

In 1948, Galo Plaza was elected president of Ecuador. As president, Plaza boosted economic development and advanced agriculture, greatly expanding banana, cacao, and coffee exports. After leaving office, he was a diplomat for the United Nations. In 1972, Galo Plaza was honored with a Partners in 4-H Award. The family ranch, Hacienda Zuleta, continues to be operated as a model of sustainable agriculture, as well as an ecolodge.

Did You Know?

Taken by Abbie Rowe, 1905-1967, Photographer. June 20, 1951. President Truman (right) and President Galo Plaza of Ecuador waving from the back of their limousine, during Galo Plaza's visit to Washington.

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