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Jess C. Andrew | Inducted between 1920 and 1936

8 term Indiana legislator, farmer and President of the International Lives Stock Exposition.

1899-1955 | Artist: Robert Wadsworth Grafton (1876-1936)

Impact & Accomplishments

Jess C. Andrew was president of the International Live Stock Exposition from 1951 until his death in 1955.

Born in West Point, Indiana, he attended Purdue University and Ames Agricultural College. In 1946, the Purdue Agriculture Alumni Associate named him a Certificate of Distinction Winner, and in 1949, he was awarded an honorary doctorate in agriculture from the university.

On his Indiana farm, The Pines, he bred Shropshire sheep and Angus and Shorthorn cattle. He helped establish favor for the Yorkshire hog breed when he imported many English Large Whites.

Andrew was an eight-term Indiana legislator and member of the state prison board. Known for his sharp wit, he was a popular speaker at livestock events.

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