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John Hewer | Inducted between 1920 and 1941

Foundational breeder of Hereford cattle setting the white face and red markings of the Hereford breed we know today.

1787-1873 | Artist: Ernest Sigmund Klempner (1867-1941)

Impact & Accomplishments

John Hewer and his father, William, were foundation breeders of Hereford cattle in Great Britain. Hewer practiced line breeding to set the color and type we now recognize as the Hereford today, and his practice of letting bulls for a season expanded the breed quickly.

His herd contained some of the finest cattle of the time, including the champion at the Royal Agricultural Society’s very first show in 1839. He exported many head of cattle, including to Australia.

Did You Know?

"Cotmore." Champion Hereford bull at first English Royal Show in 1839. Three years and ten months when shown; 3920 lb at maturity. Extremely large, but appeared to have more "shape" than the earlier British cattle.

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