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Kirkland Brooks Armour | 1953*

Noted Hereford breeder and contributor to the first National Hereford Show—the predecessor of the American Royal.

1854-1954 | Artist: Othmar J. Hoffler (1893-1954)

Impact & Accomplishments

A nephew of Philip D. Armour, Sr., Kirkland B. Armour was born in Stockbridge, New York, and moved to Kansas City in 1870 to work in Armour & Company’s facilities there.

Kirk Armour became vice president and general manager of the Kansas City plant in 1892 and president in 1898.

He purchased a foundation Hereford herd from C.M. Culbertson of Newman, Illinois, and imported hundreds of English head, building the breed’s influence. He was President of the American Hereford Cattle Breeders Association in 1899, when the first National Hereford Show—the predecessor of the American Royal—was held.

Did You Know?

American Hereford Association is the first breed association to hold a national one-breed show.

The 1899 show included 541 head of Hereford cattle, with 334 head sold for an average price of $334. More than 55,000 people attended. In fact, there was so much interest in the event that a permanent structure was built to house it in 1908

March On 6th was the senior and grand champion at the second American Royal in 1902. Courtesy of Hereford World.

*Records are not complete, Kirkland Brooks Armour may have been inducted in 1953

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