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Luther Abraham Weaver | 1954

Noted swine judge and research, Weaver was also president of the American Society of Animal Production.

1886-1962 | Artist: Joseph Allworthy (1892-1991)

Impact & Accomplishments

Renowned swine judge L. A. Weaver selected champion barrows at the International Live Stock Exposition more than any other individual.

Born in Windsor, Missouri, Weaver received his bachelor’s degree from the Missouri College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts in 1910 and stayed on as assistant professor of animal husbandry. Named full professor in 1919 and department head in 1945, Weaver conducted extensive research in swine production and feeding. He retired from the university in 1957.

L. A. Weaver operated his own farm in Boone County, and for many years, was superintendent of the swine department at the Missouri State Fair and secretary-treasurer of the Missouri Hereford Association. In 1943, he served as president of the American Society of Animal Production, the organization that presented his Saddle & Sirloin portrait in 1954.

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