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Melville Clark Campbell | Inducted between 1920 and 1936

Pioneer Kansas rancher, cattleman and community leader.

1849-1932 | Artist: Robert Wadsworth Grafton (1876-1936)

Impact & Accomplishments

Pioneer Kansas rancher and cattleman M. C. Campbell was born in northern Illinois, where his family drove steers to the Chicago market.

In 1872, he moved to Barton County, Kansas, and served as county clerk for a term, before resettling in Wichita.

In 1882, he drove Texas cattle to Clark County and established the 20,000-acre Campbell Ranch on the Cimarron River. Campbell was a leader of the Kansas Livestock Sanitary Board and the Kansas National Livestock Show and a founder of the Kansas Livestock Commission.

He helped organize the National Bank of Commerce in Wichita, in 1896, and continued as a director when the bank became First National.

In 1957, he was named Block & Bridle Outstanding Stockman at Kansas State University.

Did You Know?

This is a herd of cattle on the M. C. Campbell ranch near Ashland, Kansas. Also visible are a horse-drawn carriage and cowboys on horses. Photo Credit: F.M. Steele, 1897 from the Kansas Historical Society

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