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Reid Carpenter | Inducted by 1920

Founder of Maxwalton Farm which produced the Shorthorn bull Avondale - shaping the future of the Shorthorn breed for generations to come.

1853-1936 | Artist: Robert Wadsworth Grafton (1876-1936)

Impact & Accomplishments

Attorney Reid Carpenter, educated at Wooster University and the University of Michigan, was involved in several manufacturing enterprises, and in urban rail and utility investments. He also served as president of Citizens National Bank for a number of years.

His induction into the Saddle & Sirloin portrait gallery, however, was based largely on his achievements at Maxwalton Farm, in his hometown of Mansfield, Ohio. Carpenter and his Scottish partner, Peter Ross, imported Shorthorn foundation stock at the turn of the century.

His bull, Avondale, took honors at the International and the American Royal, and then sired five International champions. Reid Carpenter was president of the American Shorthorn Breeders Association from 1916-1919. After a tour of Great Britain, he laid the foundations for a successful Aberdeen-Angus herd as well. Records indicate that Reid was still active in 1931.

Did You Know?

As a 2 year old Avondale took second place at the International, though it must be recognized that the bull he lost to was his own father. He went on from there to bring championship trophies home in 5 of the next 6 years. Five of his sons subsequently took the first prize immediately after him; and in the next 25 years more than 20 of his offspring were first prize winners.

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