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Thomas Booth | Inducted 1903

Foundational Shorthorn breeder from Yorkshire.

c.1755-1835 | Artist: Robert Wadsworth Grafton (1876-1936); original portrait by James R. Stuart

Impact & Accomplishments

Another of the foundation breeders painted by Stuart when the collection was established, Thomas Booth began breeding Shorthorns on his Killerby estate near Catterick, Yorkshire, in 1790. He selected bulls from the Colling brothers, but cows from other breeders.

Booth was the first breeder to stress beef almost to the exclusion of milk, and he sought to reduce the bone while concentrating on meat and fleshing qualities. Once he had beefy animals with strong constitutions, he then fixed their traits through line breeding.

In 1819, Booth left Killerby in the hands of his eldest son, John, and took part of the herd to establish a new farm at Warlaby. After Thomas’s death in 1835, John and his brother Richard continued to improve the breed.

Did You Know?

Necklace and Bracelet were an outstanding set of twin females that brought a great deal of attention to the Booth program. Between the two of them they garnered a total of 33 prizes at shows such as the Royal, Yorkshire and Smithfield Club. Photo credit: Heritage Shorthorn Society.

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