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William Arthur Dryden | 1948

Shorthorn breeder and founder of the Canadian Royal Winter Fair, the world’s largest indoor agricultural fair.

1881-1949 | Artist: Othmar J. Hoffler (1893-1954)

Impact & Accomplishments

The son of John Dryden, Will A. Dryden took over the Maple Shade Farm herd in 1903.

A respected Shorthorn breeder and livestock judge, Dryden was president of the Dominion Shorthorn and sheep breeders associations, executive director of the Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers’ Company, chairman of the Canadian National Livestock Records, and president of the Brooklin Spring Fair in 1921-1922.

Dryden was instrumental in founding the Canadian Royal Winter Fair, the world’s largest indoor agricultural fair, serving as its first president, from 1919-1923. He was managing director of the Royal from 1936-1949 and served on its executive committee from its inception until his death in 1949.

Did You Know?

Led by shorthorn cattleman, W.A. Dryden and a group of notable farmers and horsemen got together to plan an exhibition of Canada’s finest agricultural wares. The group solicited and received full support from all three levels of government and was granted the Royal moniker by King George V of England.

The Royal Coliseum in 1922 - a landmark structure that still helps to greet people on their way into Toronto to this day. The building was erected at Exhibition Place to host the Canadian Royal.

2019 Royal Preview Reel

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