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William J. Grant | Inducted by 1920

Politician, Argentine cattleman and noted international livestock judge.

1869-1931 | Artist: Ernest Sigmund Klempner (1867-1941)

Impact & Accomplishments

The second Argentine cattleman to judge at the International Live Stock Exposition (Carlos Duggan was the first), William Grant was born in Elgin, Scotland, where he studied civil engineering.

In 1890, he moved to Argentina to work for the Buenos Aires and Pacific Railroad, becoming chief construction engineer in 1901. He purchased land to start Angus and Shorthorn cattle operations in 1903, eventually expanding to 11,000 acres.

Grant also bred Clydesdales. By 1908, he resigned his railroad post to focus on ranching and serve in local politics in Cordoba as well.

Grant judged Angus at the 1919 International and was still active as late as 1930.

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