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William Ransdell Goodwin, Jr. | Inducted by 1920

Livestock journalist who was a major promoter of the International Live Stock Exposition and helped get the National Swine Show started.

1863-1919 | Artist: Robert Wadsworth Grafton (1876-1936)

Impact & Accomplishments

This livestock journalist wrote elaborate reviews in the early years of the International Live Stock Exposition, helping establish the show.

William “Will” R. Goodwin was educated at DePauw University and accepted a position at The Breeder’s Gazette in 1885, eventually becoming its managing editor. As a reporter, he covered all major shows, including the International and American Royal and the world’s fair stock shows.

The speech he made to the National Swine Growers at the 1914 International was credited with launching the National Swine Show.

Goodwin was vice president of the American Saddle Horse Association.

Did You Know?

Goodwin was born in Indiana, and came to Quincy, Illinois when he was nine with his parents, the Reverend and Mrs. W. R. Goodwin, his father having charge of the Methodist church.

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